Tory toff Jacob Rees Mogg has been in talks with the treasurer of UKIP — plotting to block government policy using the courts. The Telegraph reports that millionaire Stuart Wheeler met with the Somerset MP in the Commons over plans to bring a judicial review against the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant. Rees Mogg has already […]

Cracking a tame gag (VIDEO) as Black Rod entered the Commons prior to the Queen’s Speech, Dennis Skinner’s comedy powers looked to be fading today — as he was overshadowed by Nick Clegg. Flexing his satirical muscles, MPs smirked as it transpired the so-called ‘Recall Law’ Clegg is credited with inserting into the coalition’s programme wouldn’t actually allow their […]

Tories Zac Goldsmith and Louise Bagshawe are topping a poll of the most attractive members of parliament. The website displays pictures of two randomly selected MPs, with visitors encouraged to click on the lawmaker they prefer. Scrapbook is sad to report that Conservatives dominate in both male and female categories. While Mandelson’s pal Tristram Hunt and […]

As Scrapbook reported over the weekend, Zac Goldsmith gave a rather, ahem, memorable performance on C4 News on Friday night, concerning questions surrounding his election campaign budget. On a completely unrelated note, Jon Snow mentioned via Twitter earlier that an unnamed guest on Friday’s show had left the studio with “a string of f words […]

To have been a fly on the wall in Millbank when Zac Goldsmith trotted this out on Channel 4 News: “Every decision that we took was approved by election experts inside Central Office Conservative Party [sic], every single one of them.” But, teacher! CCHQ told me to do it!

Following a Channel 4 News investigation into his election costs, the newly-elected Tory MP for Richmond, Park Zac Goldsmith (estimated worth: £200 million) appeared on the programme last night, presumably with the intention of clearing the air and putting the damaging allegations to bed. It would appear, however, that his PR team felt he should […]