With MP Conor Burns complaining to the Charity Commission about the claimed “party political” nature of the above graphic from Oxfam, right-whingers have opened up another front with McCarthyite targeting of anyone who has the temerity to argue back: Guardian attack on me call Sir Stephen Bubb in aid. Yes he also is yet another former Labour […]

With ministers under fire for stuffing both departments and arms-length bodies with Tories, Scrapbook has previously quoted Conservative strategist Matthew Elliot, who singled out the appointment of William Shawcross to the Charity Commission as “very good” for right-wingers. The public appointments commissioner obligates ministers — in this case Francis Maude — to publish details of political activity undertaken […]

Private schools can throw out poor pupils on scholarships while retaining charitable status, it has emerged. New guidance issued by the Charity Commission means independent schools can continue to benefit from low taxation arrangements for charities even if they abolish free or subsidised places for disadvantaged children — with no protection in place for existing poor students. […]

Having served up one of the worst pieces of legislation in living memory, it’s worthwhile reflecting on the efforts made to silence criticism from one of the main victims Lobbying Bill: the charitable sector. Being published in the July with an almost complete absence of consultation, it took charities a couple of weeks to get to grips […]