It’s 2014 — but apparently Iain Duncan Smith thinks it’s okay to refer to a gay colleague as a “pantomime dame”. The cabinet member made the homophobic jibe to out Labour shadow minister Chris Bryant during work and pensions questions earlier this afternoon: Er, IDS just called Chris Bryant a "pantomime dame". — Tom McTague […]

The leader of the council in William Hague’s constituency, a former Conservative, has warned that health cuts in North Yorkshire may result in “an NHS-free zone”, devastating healthcare provision across the county, Cllr John Blackie, who both leads the council and sits as deputy on the county council’s health scrutiny committee, said that as a […]

Foreign Secretary William Hague joined a protest against NHS cuts in his North Yorkshire constituency – despite publicly backing the coalition’s NHS reforms in Parliament. Just one day after Boris Johnson’s re-election as Mayor of London and the Tories’ drubbing at the local elections — and while the rest of the country was preoccupied — Hague […]

The Orwellian newspeak, advanced by the prime minister yesterday, that U-turns are “a sign of strength and confidence” seems to have been embraced with some enthusiasm by William Hague. Until a few moments ago, the Foreign Office’s official website was running with the headline: “Massive U-turn on BBC World Service funding”   Update: Naturally the Foreign […]

Local Tories aren’t known for their internet skills.  Suffice it to say that Hampstead Town Conservatives either have a mischievous sense of humour or no clue what they have let themselves in for. Scrapbook understands that internet blogger Guido Fawkes is to play raconteur to NW3 Tories  in the flat of society osteopath Fiona Lafferty. A promotional […]

Given their repeated pronouncements before the election, it was perfectly reasonable that human rights campaigners would expect the coalition to reverse the UK’s unjust position on the Chagos Islands, whereby the previous government had refused to repatriate those former residents of the archipelago forcibly expelled from 1968. But a series of bizarre U-turns culminated yesterday with the Foreign Office […]

What is it about William Hague and baseball caps?! While we at Scrapbook feel genuine sympathy for the Foreign Secretary and his (admittedly) very handsome former special adviser surely the real story hear is Hague’s dubious headgear? One would have thought that following the ribbing he received after being photographed having a gay old time […]

An organisation set up by the shadow defence secretary Liam Fox and linked to a string of other Conservative front benchers is under investigation by US tax authorities, Scrapbook can reveal. Atlantic Bridge, whose political activities have been subject to an official probe in the UK since October 2009, has been referred to the Internal Revenue Service […]