It seems there are still Commons staff (or indeed MPs) who don’t realise that anonymous edits to Wikipedia from within the parliamentary estate can be tracked.  There is even a Twitter account dedicated to doing precisely that. In the latest cack-handed attempt at airbrushing, one parliamentary pass holder took exception to the mention of Robert Walter MP’s support for the […]

Computers linked to Polish internet addresses have made nearly 130 spam edits to Wikipedia in a blatant effort to promote the campaign websites of Conservative candidates in target seats, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The news comes after staff for the Tories’ controversial election guru Lynton Crosby were caught removing legitimate, sourced criticism of him from the crowd-sourced website. Wikipedia rules […]

With Channel 4 News revealing that staff of controversial spin doctor Lynton Crosby had deleted criticism from his Wikipedia page, it’s worth having a look at exactly what: On 9 December 2012 references to Crosby’s dog-whistling tactics were removed: In the 2005 British general election, in what Robert E. Goodin calls “the classic case” of dog-whistling, […]

Spectator columnist and Telegraph blogger Toby Young has spent hours removing embarrassing information from his Wikipedia page in a sustained campaign of edits lasting more than six years. After denying bigging up his parliamentary prospects in an anonymous Spectator diary column earlier in the week, we had a bit of fun trying to get Young to deny writing about himself in […]

When Grant Shapps scrubbed a reference to his O-levels from Wikipedia the Tory chairman noted in the edit that information about his exams was “not verifiable”, before later telling journalists that — rather than correct the entry — he deleted the information because he had “five not four O-levels”. But a breakdown provided by his alma mater to […]

A Conservative minister has been caught red-handed stealing a House of Commons speech from Wikipedia. Ironically enough, the MP in question is universities minister John Hayes, whose portfolio encompasses academic standards and, erm, plagiarism. The following comparison between Hayes’ speech during a private member’s bill and the this Wikipedia article has been provided by (full […]