The relationship between WikiLeaks and their (now former) top-tier media partner The Guardian is truly going down in flames. With the organisations already at war over a new book, the report yesterday of Private Eye editor Ian Hislop’s conversation with Julian Assange gave the fallout added piquancy. Bloggers are usually cast as the political hooligans, so […]

In a 7-minute interview with Channel 4 News this evening, the voice of a newly freed Julian Assange broke with emotion when discussing the charges filed against him in Sweden. He told Jon Snow of his reflective period in Wandsworth Prison: I was quite confident about my position and very angry about the circumstances in which […]

Though created in October for the publication of 400,000 secret documents on the Iraq War, it’s easy to see the continued poignancy of this video from Rap News, which sees WikiLeaks go head-to-head with Donald Rumsfeld and Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly: An international arrest warrant has put a stop to further musical cameos, in the short term at […]

One would hope sometime physicist and computer programmer Julian Assange would be able to spell the practices his organisation opposes: Or perhaps all this Pentagon/CIA attention is getting to Wilikeaks’ volunteers?