With comedian Jimmy Carr’s tax avoidance dominating headlines, bold statements have been coming out of HMRC about “investigating” the K2 scheme — but a report by the NAO indicates that the taxman is too scared to pursue tax avoiders through the courts. Confirming that they were investigating the offshore loophole, HMRC said: “If it [K2] […]

The Indian government is to target Vodafone in a $7bn move against tax avoiding corporations. The mobile operator will be issued a payment reminder notice after a new retroactive law overturned a court decision exempting them from paying billions of pounds worth of tax. The behaviour of Indian regulators stands in marked contrast to HMRC, who let the […]

Vodafone’s top lawyer in India has quit after being tangled up in a four-year long tax avoidance scandal. The row has seen the Indian government bullied by its biggest foreign corporate investor — but officials are not giving up on extracting $2.6bn from the company. Executive Andre Jerome led Vodafone’s defence against the Indian government, […]

Laurie Penny’s gonzo account of a UK Uncut protest against Vodafone was littered with her characteristic impassioned quotes from activists: “I have a friend with five kids, her youngest is eight months, and they’ve just taken away her benefits, and now you’re telling me they let Vodafone off six billion? How’s she going to look after […]

Following in the footsteps of Vodafone in Egypt, the biggest mobile phone network in Libya, Libyana, had been sending anti-protest text messages since the start of the uprising in February. Not any more. The translation of the message above comes from Libyan Youth Movement: “Allah is Greater, We congratulate the Libyan people on the toppling of […]