Boris Johnson is asked a question about the Tories’ vetting of Russian donors on LBC — and immediately opens up another can of worms: “We’ve done, obviously we are relying heavily on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office because they are leading on this and I’ve had absolutely categorical assurances “I think I’ve met this gentleman’s […]

After Scrapbook highlighted the case of a £160,000 Tory donation from the wife of a man linked to Vladimir Putin, CCHQ have indicated they have no intention of handing back the cash — despite calling for sanctions on Putin’s circle in the wake of the MH17 disaster: “All donations to the Conservative Party are fully and transparently […]

PM wants more Russia sanctions after 283 deaths in MH17 disaster Government wants to target “crony group” around Vladimir Putin But wife of ex-Russian minister has pledged £160k to Tories Lubov Chernukhin bid on tennis match with Cameron and Boris David Cameron’s call for more sanctions against Russia could have set himself on collision course with fundraisers in his […]