As regular readers will recall, Iain Duncan Smith and the DWP have been throwing money at increasingly desperate legal bids to keep a number of documents related to the Universal Credit programme under wraps — and they’ve just lost. Again. With IDS’ critics claiming that he may have misled parliament on the progress (or utter lack […]

Judge rules there would be no chilling effect in releasing Universal Credit reports FOI tribunal refuses Iain Duncan Smith leave to appeal against the court’s decision DWP continues to pour thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money into failing legal attempt to keep files secret A judge has smashed Iain Duncan Smith’s attempt to keep potentially damning […]

Documents set to reveal full extent of chaos in flagship scheme Could provide ‘smoking gun’ showing IDS misled parliament Tribunal slams “sharp contrast” between DWP spin and reality Final release of documents could depend on outcome of DWP appeal A judge has ordered the DWP to disclose potentially damning documents relating to the botched Universal Credit […]

Following Iain Duncan Smith’s evidence on Monday, DWP select committee member Glenda Jackson brought a fiery point of order in the Commons immediately after PMQs earlier. Jackson highlighted the manner in which the Quiet Man thinks he can talk to MPs asking basic questions about Universal Credit: “With respect, I don’t have to tell the committee […]

This blog doesn’t usually direct readers towards select committee hearings but the 4:30pm fixture in the Wilson Room promises to be particularly amusing. Having tried to throw his most senior civil servant under a bus over Universal Credit fiasco, Iain Duncan Smith will be forced to explain himself to MPs while sat alongside that very man. […]

With up to £425m set to be written off in the botched implementation of the government’s flagship welfare policy, Iain Duncan Smith is attempting to freeze out existing IT suppliers from further involvement in Universal Credit. The move continues a system of accountability in which everyone else takes responsibility for the disaster — apart from Ian Duncan Smith. […]

Iain Duncan Smith faces a select committee grilling on Universal Credit from 4:30pm on the day it is revealed that his flagship welfare policy has fallen even further behind schedule. With the wheels coming off the wagon, this Telegraph leader column summarises the defence briefed by IDS’ team: that he was “kept in the dark” about what was going […]

Scrapbook has blogged before on Ian Duncan Smith’s blatant lies to parliament regarding  what he knew (and when) in respect of the failure of his flagship policy. Rather than ‘fess up to what a disaster Universal Credit had become, IDS decided to blame the whole fiasco on senior civil servants — throwing his permanent secretary Robert Devereux […]

Iain Duncan Smith has never hesitated to blame anything on ‘benefit scrounging scum’, so we trust he will forgive Scrapbook for putting his own incompetence in the context of benefits fraud. With up to £425m of taxpayers’ money in line to be written off as a result of the Universal Credit fiasco — which IDS repeatedly lied about […]