UPDATE: Their channel is now restored, although they have disabled embedding for their copy of Clegg’s “it’s time for promises to be kept” video (view below). Those interested in further video comedy may enjoy Energy Secretary Chris Huhne saying “No to Nuclear”! The official YouTube channel of the Liberal Democrats is currently suspended, owing to “multiple […]

Having previously claimed that the Liberal Democrats “didn’t break a promise” on tuition fees, Dr. Cable continues to make a fool of himself. Opposition benches guffawed at the unintended irony of his introduction to the fees debate: “I will take interventions when I have developed an argument.” This is a man who couldn’t decide whether […]

Dan Bull, the creator of the brilliant How To Pick Between Milibands rap, samples Pink Floyd’s The Wall in his latest video to bring us the quite disturbing sound of Nick Clegg rapping. Straight Outta Chalfont St Giles, eh?

Millionaire Liberal Democrat John “three homes” Hemming has told Radio 4 he would vote for  a rise in tuition fees to punish students who occupied his constituency office. His extraordinary exchange with Eddie Mair came after an embarassing argument with a protester live on local radio: EM: How are you going to vote on Thursday? JH: At […]

Cardiff Liberal Democrats cancelled their weekly surgery on Friday, literally rolling down the shutters to avoid coming face-to-face with protesting students. MP Jenny Willott closed her office for the entire day having been slammed for “committing political suicide” with a U-turn on her pledge to vote against higher tuition fees. Scrapbook can only assume Willott and her […]

Ladies and gentlemen, we are through the looking glass. The New Politics of Coalition™ means that members of the cabinet can abstain from voting on bills drafted by their own department! Vince Cable explains why legislation following in the wake of the Higher Education White Paper may be “commended to the house” by a Tory […]