As if we were short of case studies in respect of the car crash that is big money and politics, along comes billionaire donor Richard Caring — whose largesse has been directed towards both the Tories and Labour. With the Guardian publishing details of massive tax evasion and avoidance facilitated by HSBC’s Swiss arm, Caring is revealed to have turned up to a Geneva […]

Regular readers will know that Scrapbook has been awaiting the launch of Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinestein’s new TV show, The Revolution Will Be Televised, with much interest. In addition to giving Vince Cable a ‘thank you’ card from Tories (another cringe-worthy clip was released last month) a preview from BBC Three shows attempts to collect signatures to canonise, erm, […]

The Queen pressurised Tony Blair over fox hunting during a weekend at Balmoral, according to a new book. The monarch, who reportedly claimed that Blair “was in the wrong party”, lobbied the then prime minister some years before The biography of Elizabeth II by Sally Beddell Smith claims: “she patiently explained to him over dinner that […]

Is there no end to Maurice Glasman’s repetoire of achievements? Often spotted smoking a roll-up on the terrace at Westminster, the academic, community organiser and life peer is seemingly a musician too. Discovered during the research effort for a new book on Glasman’s “Blue Labour” movement, a YouTube video features the single Justify It by The Ashtrays, a […]

This week has seen a surprising revival of ’80s and ’90s rapper MC Hammer – of a political nature. On Monday, Scrapbook reported that students at London’s University of the Arts had parodied Hammer’s 1990 hit single U Can’t Touch This to attack government plans to cut university funding. Then last night the man himself […]

As suggested in an interview with Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakly on Daybreak today, Tony Blair has now cancelled his book signing at Waterstone’s Piccadilly this week. Chiles: With the book signings, they’re getting more and more lively judging by what we saw in Dublin. I don’t get why you’re doing them. The point of […]