Controversial anti-extremism group Quilliam were left red-faced this weekend — after far-right goon Tommy Robinson revealed they had paid him £8,000 after he quit the English Defence League. What’s more, the news comes nearly two years after a Quilliam spokesman vigorously denied a financial relationship with Robinson when queried on the issue by Scrapbook.

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has apparently been forced to sell his home to pay a £125,000 proceeds of crime order. Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) was landed with the bill after pleading guilty to a £162,000 mortgage fraud, a conspiracy to obtain two loans from Abbey and Halifax banks by false representation. Robinson’s […]

Quilliam denied claims they would pay ex-EDL leader But emails reveal they planned taxpayer-funded bung FOI exposes begging letters to Eric Pickles’ department Having brokered Tommy Robinson’s exit from the EDL, the anti-Islamist Quilliam Foundation faced accusations that the link-up was motivated by their less-than-great financial position. Indeed, Maajid Nawaz is rumoured to have approached at least one other […]

With former EDL leader Tommy Robinson currently banged up for mortgage fraud, connoisseurs of goonish far-right behaviour are having to sate themselves with the antics of Robinson’s EDL sidekick Kevin Carroll. Carroll sat alongside Robinson (and Quilliam Foundation executive director Maajid Nawaz) at the press conference heralding their exit from the EDL — and their rejection of violence […]

Tommy Robinson has been forced to cancel his speaking tour of schools. Looking to switch to a less extreme — and financially lucrative — brand of Islamophobia since leaving the EDL, Robinson raised collective eyebrows when it was reported the themes on which he would engage school children included “tolerance”. News of the talks had organisations such as the […]

While rumours abound that newly-reformed-pleasant-chap Tommy Robinson is looking to feather his nest through anti-extremism speaking and “consultancy”, it nevertheless comes as something of a shock to find the former EDL leader is to embark on a tour of SCHOOLS. According to the Mirror, Robinson will be speaking to children about, errr, tolerance. Scrapbook has had a […]

Yesterday Scrapbook published figures which show that government funding for the Quilliam Foundation — the anti-extremism body linked to former EDL leader Tommy Robinson — has now fallen off a cliff. But they nevertheless received some £186,000 from the Home Office after April 2010. So why did Quilliam chairman Maajid Nawaz claim on Twitter last month that their […]