UPDATE: Highlights of Watson’s statement: Watson highlighted close links between News International and Southern Investigations, the firm for which Daniel Morgan and his suspected murderers worked Particularly, Watson highlighted the extremely close relationship between Southern Investigations’ Jonathan Rees and News Of The World’s Alex Marunchak Watson requested information from government minister Nick Herbert on a […]

While committee chairman John Whittingdale looked on uneasily, Tom Watson ambushed James Murdoch in an exchange redolent of a legal drama. News Corporation’s Europe and Asia chief executive squirmed as a conversation NOTW chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck claimed he had with News International legal affairs manager Tom Crone (fingering Murdoch Jr) was read to the committee. […]

A motion (read in full below) tabled for News Corporation’s annual general meeting in Los Angeles today seeks to strip Rupert Murdoch of powers. Denver-based institutional shareholder Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS) is calling to separate the roles of chairman and chief executive officer; positions both currently held by the media mogul. “Resolved: The shareholders request […]

Back in October, Tom Watson sent a letter to the Prime Minister ahead of the Dispatches report ‘Tabloids, Tories and Phone Hacking’, questioning Andy Coulson’s continued employment at Number 10: “If a government minister were to be the subject of similar allegations, they would be forced to stand down immediately while an investigation is carried […]

Scourge of News Corporation Tom Watson gave his most personal account yet of the phone hacking scandal at GMB Congress yesterday. Referring to Rupert Murdoch’s regular audiences with British prime ministers, the West Bromwich East MP told delegates: “When it comes to secret liaisons in Downing Street, after only a year, David Cameron’s back passage is already well […]

Tom Watson securing The Spectator’s “Inquisitor of the Year” award must owe at least something to his growing reputation for pungent letters. After telling Eric Pickles “You can’t stuff your face all day with new politics cake and still have it left to eat when you’re hungry in the middle of the night”, Watson now asks the […]

When the Labour Uncut (@labouruncut) blog emerged from dust clouds of the party’s election defeat it was clear that the team behind it had the inside track in the Westminster village. Despite its unassuming launch, the site – with no introductory post, “about page” or list of contributors – seemed to have an immediate purchase within the lobby. […]

Sterling effort by Labour activist Debbie Caine, who has brought a little bit of Blue Peter to proceedings with this “pipsqueak” badge (the original Watson/Gove clip is currently at more than 10,000 views). Scrapbook are seriously tempted to order some for conference.

“It was like looking at Bambi. So I shot him.” Tom Watson has given an account of that outburst for (the excellent) Labour Uncut: It was like he was enjoying the humiliation. He wasn’t supposed to be … He gave the impression that he’d gone through the plans for every school in scholarly detail. And having grasped […]