Asked about taking his own government’s advice and switching energy suppliers on the Today Programme this morning, George Osborne’s response was right there with “I have a breadmaker”: Humphrys: “Have you changed your energy supplier as the leader of the opposition has?” Osborne: “I live in Downing Street” You could almost hear him willing the words back into […]

This morning’s Today Programme set loins stirring across Britain as newsreader Charlotte Green read a particularly evocative sex-scene from a James Bond novel censored in Franco’s Spain: “The mounded V of the bikini looked up at Bond, and the proud breasts in the tight cups were two more eyes.” listen to ‘Charlotte Green reads Bond sex scene on […]

It’s possible some people are still unaware that James Naughtie called Jeremy Hunt a c*** live on BBC Radio 4 this morning. The Today Programme presenter then struggled to outline headlines on WikiLeaks, high speed broadband and shark attacks owing to barely stifled laughter: “I landed in one of those awful verbal tangles just before 8 O’Clock, courtesy […]