Spectator columnist and Telegraph blogger Toby Young has spent hours removing embarrassing information from his Wikipedia page in a sustained campaign of edits lasting more than six years. After denying bigging up his parliamentary prospects in an anonymous Spectator diary column earlier in the week, we had a bit of fun trying to get Young to deny writing about himself in […]

“Toby Young has rattled some Labour cages by publicly mooting a bid for the Tory nomination for Hammersmith”, reports the Spectator’s Steerpike column in a post which bristles at a Labour spad for mocking Young’s nascent foray into electoral politics. While the Speccie website disguises the provenance of Steerpike columns on spectator.co.uk, the same cannot be said for Google, […]

Writing on his No Sacred Cows blog today, free school advocate Toby Young saddles up his high horse on the issue of spelling: Labour MP for Hammersmith Andrew Slaughter (in tie at rear) protests against the opening of the new ARK primary school in Shepeherd’s [sic] Bush by holding up a sign in which the word […]