A group of centrist Tory MPs are plotting to challenge the blogosphere quasi-monopoly of Conservative Home. Michael Crick reports that allies of David Cameron have been meeting “to establish a significant website which will do for the centre-left what Conservative Home does for the right” and that “substantial resources are available” to challenge Lord Ashcroft’s cash. Designed […]

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is not known for a measured, thoughtful approach to public policy, but with his response to the London riots he has really excelled himself. In a tweet this morning, the mustachioed climate change denier sent a message to the Government’s emergency cabinet meeting saying rioters should be summarily executed: Helmer’s comments were […]

It’s amazing what a couple of glasses of free prosecco can achieve. Total Politics’ snapper at large Nick Pickles has caught über-feminista Laurie Penny plotting the revolution with, erm, family values Conservative Tim Montgomerie. Must have been quite a meeting of minds.

Inspired by the Netroots Nation conference held in the US by writers of the Daily Kos, Netroots UK, to be held in London this Saturday, promises to be the largest gathering of its kind in Britain. The event aims to “bring together hundreds of grassroots activists in central London for a day of workshops, discussions and networking […]

Tim Montgomerie must be popular in Number 10 this morning: Is it any wonder CCHQ is so paranoid about ConservativeHome? The site’s position as the guardian of the activists does not pass unchallenged: one CCHQ employee demanded I refer to Montgomerie as “the self-appointed voice of the grassroots” … party staff worry about ConservativeHome’s ability […]

UPDATE 13:22 Paul Waugh reports Cameron has just issued a non-denial denial on the “manifesto mandate” for EU renegotiation. When Tim Montgomerie told a conference fringe event that ConservetiveHome would be “more disciplined” in the run up to the next general election, what he actually mean was that he’d be threatening civil war if he […]