Having ignored concrete evidence that Portsmouth Lib Dems were helping Mike Hancock’s campaign even after his behaviour was exposed, Nick Clegg and party president Tim Farron have finally stuck their heads above the parapet — promising a “review” which will examine “inappropriate behaviour” as well as wider allegations of bullying under the now deposed Lib Dem regime on […]

Domestic violence victims pay Bedroom Tax for ‘safe room’ 280 homes with special secure areas hit with hated charge MP bids to change rules with Commons motion With domestic violence victims up there with kidney dialysis patients in having specialist facilities deemed to be ‘spare’ bedrooms — an MP is bidding to exempt ‘safe rooms’ […]

Tim Farron has claimed credit for the coalition’s U-turn on caravan tax — despite his failure to vote either way in Parliament. In a press release, the Lib Dem President claimed that George Osborne’s decision to slash tax on caravans from 20% to 5% was down to him: “I want to thank local caravan park […]