With the chief political commentator of the Telegraph quitting in disgust citing the influence of paid advertising over editorial, it is perhaps appropriate that a rebuttal of Peter Oborne’s charges should be launched from another daily organ of Toryism — and one helmed by a former Telegraph comment editor — ConservativeHome. Having begun his concluding paragraph with the words “My friend”, a sure […]

Ed Miliband’s plan to cap consumer energy costs until a new regulator can be introduced has gone down well at the Telegraph, from which a top Centrica shareholder complains of “Economic vandalism”. The online coverage follows a front page lead story scaremongering about “power shortages” — AKA the lights going out. So it’s a good job paper […]

It looks as though Telegraph blogs editor Damian Thompson (@holysmoke) instructed his charges to write something, anything about Dan Brown. Thomas Pascoe filed first, slamming “metropolitan liberals” for criticising the thriller author’s writing — claiming his detractors would treat an African novelist differently: Errrr … forty five minutes later: Perhaps some African women would be more consistent?