With Michael Gove embroiled in a row after attempting to replace the chair of the schools inspectorate (and former Blair aide) Sally Morgan with a Tory stooge, Number 10 protests: “The decision not to reappoint her was [Gove’s] decision. This government appoints people on merit.” Nice line … but what a pity one of the Tories’ […]

Yet more evidence of the BBC’s left-wing bias in action this morning with Auntie borrowing from those socialists over at the TaxPayers’ Alliance. The backdrop for a studio discussion on Osborne’s ‘permanent austerity’ speech was a scaremongering ticking-up-by-the-second ‘debt clock’ — without the context of GDP. This may look familiar to admirers of the TPA, who mounted […]

A leading Westminster-based campaign group has been wining and dining the Conservative Party’s finest. The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson reports: “I’ve just returned from a dinner … for Nigel Lawson to celebrate the silver anniversary his 1988 Budget, a great event with an all-star cast. Two of George Osborne’s ministers — Sajid Javid and David Gauke — […]

A new report from the TaxPayers’ Alliance and Institute of Directors claims that those disagree with them are suffering from “sexual jealousy”. The publication makes the case for an extension of austerity to the year 2020, followed by tax cuts for the rich. But the report 417-page tome, edited by City AM editor Allister Heath (pictured above with […]

Is the December circuit of boozy Westminster receptions already affecting Guido’s memory? After Scrapbook exposed the reluctance of the TaxPayers’ Alliance to discuss the level of subsidy its charity arm may be receiving from the Treasury, the doyen of attack blogging emerged in the comments: Could he have forgotten his war with the Labour-linked Smith […]

A charity funding vehicle set up by the right-wing TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) has refused to reveal whether donations to the controversial campaign group have been enhanced by, erm, a subsidy from the tax-paying public. As their own press officers might say: “It’s outrageous that taxpayers could be expected to stump up for this”! The Politics […]

A supposedly “independent” charity with close links to a string of right-wing campaigning organisations gave 100% of its funding to the TaxPayers’ Alliance, accounts filed with regulators reveal. The Politics and Economics Research Trust (PERT), purportedly founded  to “advance the education of the public”, gave 18 grants worth £325,000 to the pressure group. Despite strict controls on political […]

A Cabinet Office white paper, published on Friday (while no-one was looking) promises wide ranging and controversial reform of essential public services. Specifically it calls for the opening up of services to private providers, so as to tackle the “unfairnesses” of the public sector. So what happens when the commissioning process goes awry, and the […]

As well as hitting the phones to their friends in the media, the TaxPayers’ Alliance also produce highly dubious “research” to support their right-wing agenda. As this excellent video from the Other TaxPayers’ Alliance demonstrates, however, Matthew Elliott and his libertarian chums have been caught with their pants round their ankles: A so-called study into […]