Scrapbook wonders what business Prince Andrew has entertaining RBS boss Stephen Hester. The Court Circular reveals that the controversial boss of the publicly-owned bank was received by playboy prince at Buckingham Palace yesterday: “The Duke of York this morning received Mr. Stephen Hester (Chief Executive, Royal Bank of Scotland)” Despite stepping down from his trade envoy role over […]

With the news that Stephen Hester has rejected his whooping £973,000 bonus, it would seem a PR disaster has been averted and responsible capitalism has prevailed. But the contrarians over at the Torygraph have taken a different stance,  whinging that  Hester’s rejection has cost the Inland Revenue half a million pounds sterling. “The RBS chief […]

No Daily Mail  lovers at Scrapbook, but credit where credit is due for the following photo/caption combination starring the beleaguered banker, RBS boss Stephen Hester: “The notoriously thin-skinned Stephen Hester remains annoyed whenever any newspaper prints the much-published photograph of him astride a horse dressed in full hunting regalia.” Some irony that Hester who is now […]