The senior Boris Johnson aide who Scrapbook revealed had been accused of harassment has been named as his deputy mayor, Stephen Greenhalgh. The Tory, who is paid a whopping £127,784 per year, has apologised after allegedly fondling the bottom of a female member of staff in a lift. Despite claiming that he could not remember the incident, Greenhalgh […]

Boris Johnson’s hulking disaster of a policing deputy, Stephen Greenhalgh ordered his department’s acronym be changed so it sounded “less girly”. The Mayor’s Office of Policing and Crime, established just six months ago, was abbreviated to MOPC — pronounced “Mopsy”, which sounded to many like a character from an Edwardian children’s book. A City Hall […]

London’s bumbling Deputy Mayor for Policing, Stephen Greenhalgh, was caught red handed at the GLA Police & Crime Committee today, after he was spotted brandishing a confidential document detailing the questions he would be asked. Committee chair Joanne McCartney spotted the papers, clearly marked “Confidential, for committee members” on the desk in front of Greenhalgh, […]

Less than a glittering first outing for Boris’ newest appointed chum, policing boss Stephen Greenhalgh. The deputy mayor was unable to answer questions from the Policing and Crime Committee — and had told the Met Commissioner to stay at home. Assembly members were not amused, both at receiving no notice of Bernard Hogan-Howe’s absence and […]

Have we just witnessed the first significant cockup of Boris’ second stint as mayor? City Hall spinners have briefed that Kit Malthouse has been dumped as deputy mayor for policing to make way for former Hammersmith & Fulham Council, Stephen Greenhalgh (pictured): Many congratulations to Stephen Greenhalgh on becoming Boris’s Deputy Mayor. Good news for Boris […]

On the same day as approving £60m cuts to public spending and services, flagship Tory council Hammersmith and Fulham apparently still have enough money left to make cringey videos. The “thank you” campaign even saw council leader Stephen Greenhalgh — whose impending resignation was revealed exclusively by Scrapbook back in December — giving out, errr, roses […]

One of the Tories’ top council leaders is to quit, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The resignation of Stephen Greenhalgh has sparked speculation the controversial leader of Hammersmith & Fulham council will be given a seat in the Lords. Alongside a string of idiotic gaffes, Greenhalgh’s contributions to local government include hiking parking charges by 110% and spending £1 million […]

The leader of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, Stephen Greenhalgh, may be wise to borrow David Cameron’s rat-catching cat Larry for a few days. While Tories from across the London region gathered to hear Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson and his mayoral campaign manager Lynton Crosby on Saturday, one delegate opted to leave early, scampering […]