A former confidant of Iain Duncan Smith has dramatically turned on him over Universal Credit, making claims in a radio interview that completely undermine not only press briefings on the botched project — but statements by the cabinet minister to parliament. Stephen Brien is credited as being the ‘architect’ of Universal Credit. Having developed the policy while working at […]

With up to £425m set to be written off in the botched implementation of the government’s flagship welfare policy, Iain Duncan Smith is attempting to freeze out existing IT suppliers from further involvement in Universal Credit. The move continues a system of accountability in which everyone else takes responsibility for the disaster — apart from Ian Duncan Smith. […]

Scrapbook has blogged before on Ian Duncan Smith’s blatant lies to parliament regarding  what he knew (and when) in respect of the failure of his flagship policy. Rather than ‘fess up to what a disaster Universal Credit had become, IDS decided to blame the whole fiasco on senior civil servants — throwing his permanent secretary Robert Devereux […]