This one won’t help ‘English meeja’/Scots nationalist relations — especially after Sky News owner Murdoch bottled a ‘Yes’ endorsement in the Scottish Sun. Broadcasting from Scotland, Kay Burley had some fun shaming a “lairy” independence campaigner, who she claimed “wants to take us off air”. What she didn’t realise, however, is that she had just been broadcast calling him […]

As military action gets under way in North Africa and the Mediterranean, broadcasters have entered The Day Today mode. At Sky News defence correspondent Niall Paterson has mastered the gigantic wall display but there seem to be one or two problems with the touch-screen “Skystrator”: “This will have to do for a submarine. I haven’t got one.” Cue […]

Teased in the Members’ Lobby by a Labour MP yesterday, Sarah Teather didn’t seem to be taking jokes about an early morning ambush by a TV news crew in the spirit in which they were intended: MP: “Watch out, Sarah, Sky News are behind you!” Teather: “F*** off.” With a future change of career looking more […]

In his conference speech yesterday, David Cameron praised 97 year old activist Harry Beckough for his service to the Tories down the years. As Guido has observed, Sky News ran a less than smooth live interview with Beckough, in which Kay Burley oscillates between patronising the nonagenarian (“you didn’t have 24-hour news when you first started!”) and getting her […]

It’s good to see the Twitter stream on a manhunt for “Britain’s most wanted”, as Sky News keep shouting at us, being used for random banter (albeit in error) between journalists. After a Scrapbook reader grabbed a copy of this journalism anomaly it was swiftly removed from the list of updates on the continuing search for […]