Edging Labour by just a singe point in Lord Ashcroft’s constituency polling from January, government minister and serial fibber Simon Hughes seems to have hit upon a novel way to maximise the political utility of old campaign signs — painting over the bit which mentions the Lib Dems! Spot the Difference! Before, "Simon Hughes & the Liberal Democrats". […]

The Liberal Democrats’ retreat from their own record in government is by no means limited to the Bedroom Tax, with justice minister Simon Hughes coordinating the latest reverse ferret. With the children’s commissioner pointing out an obvious consequence of legal aid cuts — that rights guaranteed by UN conventions are being denied vulnerable children — Hughes swung […]

Mike Hancock MP was finally suspended from the Lib Dems yesterday after an explosive official report into claims of sexual harassment was leaked. With an attempted cover-up (DETAILS) by local Liberal Democrats having failed, lawyers for Hancock’s alleged victim — a vulnerable woman with a history of mental health problems — have written to party chief executive […]

Parliament’s biggest hypocrite Simon Hughes has decided to get on his high horse about the diversity of the legal profession, telling the Indy in his first interview as a justice minister that legal firms should: “proactively go out and look for people from all communities in Britain to be lawyers” He continues: “We still have a legal […]

Years of lies and hypocrisy during coalition rule have left Simon Hughes a social democratic husk — and an ideal candidate to join the government! Here’s a run-down of duplicity from the new minister of state for justice: Calling stealth privatisation in the Health Bill “unacceptable” … then voting for it at every stage Lying […]

Simon Hughes’ big yellow taxi — a regular fixture on the streets of Bermondsey — has been “trashed” by students angry at his support for the privatisation of student loans book. The liberal dusting with rubbish bags and post-it notes followed unedifying scenes in which a metal roller shutter was forced down on the heads of student […]

Just as sure as the sun rises each morning, 2013 brings yet more hypocrisy from Simon Hughes. Even as the Lib Dems’ deputy leader attempts to defend himself from criticism that he voted for austerity while opposing the cuts that accompany it, he told Southwark News: “It’s simplistic and wrong to say that more police equals less […]

The former mayor of Southwark has compared domestic violence with smacking — and refused to apologise after claiming that some see “benefits” in the crime. Cllr Columba Blango, who is a colleague of Lib Dem deputy leader Simon Hughes and represents the ward neighbouring his house, has shocked colleagues with his views on the subject: “It’s […]

Eagle-eyed Scrapbook readers spotted naughty Simon Hughes using his mobile phone while driving this weekend. While eight out of ten motorists admit to this breach of the law, the Deputy Lib Dem leader seems determined to make things easier for the authorities — by travelling round in a vanity day-glo taxi with his name emblazoned […]