Well this is going well. After Theresa May’s top official starred in a car crash select committee hearing yesterday (VIDEO), the judge appointed to lead an investigation has been called on to quit. It turns out that Baroness Butler Sloss‘ brother was attorney general from 1979 to 1987 — and argued for 20 minutes with a […]

Comments from Labour MP Simon Danczuk comparing members of his own party to the BNP have seen him come under attack from across the blogosphere. But now attention has now turned to the veracity of his article for the Telegraph. The springboard used by Danczuk to launch his tirade was an ostensibly “loony left” tweet he claims to […]

While his backbench Tory marksmanship and pursuit of paedophile MP Cyril Smith have impressed some, attempts by Labour’s Simon Danczuk to defend George Osborne’s harsh benefits reforms on TV yesterday were not his finest hour. In acrimonious exchanges — during which Danczuk launched repeated attempted ad hominem attacks on Owen Jones — the Rochdale MP backed changes which […]