As Chris Morris once said, “fact times importance equals news”. As newsrooms drift rudderless in the Bermuda Triangle which is August, you may have seen Scrapbook canvassing suggestions for the most ridiculous non-stories. In no particular order, here are some of the top submissions: Middle class man has shoe chewed The Telegraph reports: “Dudley Thomas was “flabbergasted” when he […]

As we begin the first full week of parliamentary recess, politicians, lobby hacks and (some) bloggers alike have now decamped to the beach. With the flow of real stories tapering to a mere trickle, Scrapbook is turning its attention to exactly what kind of nonsense can be made to pass for “news”. We’ll be posting regularly on […]

The silly season silliness continues apace. Three days after Scrapbook noted Peter Mandelson’s bronzed red complexion post-Corfu, The Sun is in there with “Tango Mango”!  The Guardian followed up with a brilliant run-down of “politicians who know when they’ve been Tangoed”.  Try and guess who wins (it isn’t the First Secretary of State). Anyone would […]

Predictably enough, the papers extended the expenses/snouts-in-the-trough narrative by having a go at the summer recess from parliament. Tom Harris and Kerry McCarthy were first of the mark with their defence and Jack Straw stuck his oar in over at the Blackburn Labour blog on Thursday. Following a leak from a source within Associated Newspapers, […]