With Malcolm Rifkind stepping down to spend more time with his lucrative consultancy roles, ConHome report the final three in the Tories’ job-for-life Kensington selection are private schools lobbyist Charlotte Vere (at least her fifth selection attempt since November 2013), Boris sidekick Victoria Borwick and, errrr, Shaun Bailey. The papers will cast Bailey as the square peg in the round […]

David Cameron’s Big Society ambassador has alluded to the role of government cuts in the closure of his charity. Third Sector magazine have followed up Scrapbook’s exclusive on Cameron’s Big Society ambassador — reporting that he closed his charity “because of funding problems”. In the latest embarrassment to the Prime Minister’s repeatedly-stalling project, the closure […]

David Cameron’s big society ambassador has shut down his own charity, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Tory A-lister Shaun Bailey allowed his My Generation outfit to go to the wall less than a year after Cameron’s other BS adviser, Lord Wei, quit his unpaid position after claiming that working for free is incompatible with “having a […]

Once again, David Cameron’s urban talisman and infamous Tatler Tory flop Shaun Bailey has been caught taking a laissez-faire approach to financial management, with charity My Generation’s accounts being 14 days late, meaning valuable donations will now be redirected to pay penalty fees. This marks the fourth time in five years that the charity’s accounts have […]

We are greatly amused to see the Public Administration Select Committee taking its cue from Scrapbook when it came to quizing David Cameron’s “big society” ambassador, Shaun Bailey. In April we highlighted his charity’s latest set of characteristically shoddy accounts, which reveal a tripling in publicity spending to more than £90,000 in the period which, coincidentally, Shaun […]

A charity run by the government’s official “big society ambassador” Shaun Bailey more than more than tripled its spending on publicity in the accounting period for which he was fighting a marginal seat. Having enraged other charities with what have been described as “disgusting slurs”, perhaps David Cameron’s “urban talisman” can explain why his operation spends 35 […]

On Monday David Cameron appointed Conservative MP Charlotte Leslie and failed parliamentary candidate Shaun Bailey as ambassadors for the so-called Big Society agenda. But would Cameron have been so eager to give Bailey if he knew the youth worker’s charity seems to have effectively shut down? In early 2010, the citizens Hammersmith couldn’t move for […]

“Meanwhile, it also emerged that the luvvie pen-pushers at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport blew an eye-watering £70,440 on first-class travel in the past two years alone”, wailed The Sun in a recent piece on its so-called “war on waste”. Please allow Scrapbook to provide some context! Amount the Department of Culture, Media and […]

Fêted but ultimately fated, Shaun Bailey numbered among the so-called Tatler Tories who failed spectacularly to live up to their hype on May 6th. The self-styled “kid from the estate” featured on Scrapbook during the election in relation to his profligate “charity” in Hammersmith. Accounts for My Generation show the operation could not account for a […]

Scrapbook posted last week on the extremely questionable patterns of spending at the charity run by David Cameron’s “urban talisman” and candidate for Hammersmith, Shaun Bailey. Published records indicate that the organisation not only spends extraordinary amounts on administration and publicity (which happens to feature Bailey heavily) but is unable to account for nearly £16,000. […]