After their what-the-hell-are-we-doing management of dropping Page 3 — featuring a senior staff member apologising for sending a picture of boobs to the deputy leader of the opposition — The Sun looks to have gone a whole week without ladies’ nipples. Excluding Tuesday’s Sunifesto edition, every day had some attempt at ‘totty’ but the bare breasts were gone. The public relations […]

The Sun has quietly dropped its topless Page 3 models — bringing an end to the newspaper’s oftentimes vile campaign against its opponents. In perhaps the most notorious exchange, ex-MP Clare Short was branded “fat and jealous” in an editorial and article which photoshopped her face onto a naked young woman: “PAGE THREE girls say their arch-critic Clare Short is […]

With A-level grades dropping for the first time in over 30 years, the mainstream media seem to have missed an even bigger story: the almost complete absence of male entrants for the qualifications. The creators of the (now retired) Sexy A-Levels Tumblr have previously set out the magic formula for picture agencies and newspaper picture desks: “The Platonic ideal […]

UKIP blasted over women policies and misogynistic rhetoric Farage ‘takes different view’ because he ‘got so many pregnant’ Claims that his four children are just the ‘official list’ Has complained about Tories branding him a womaniser Nigel Farage explained his party’s attitude to women by bragging about the number who he had made pregnant, Political Scrapbook can reveal. Speaking […]

After his female Labour opponent was likened to a lingerie model, well-lunched sexist oaf and Tory MP Karl McCartney tried to evade criticism for supporting the attack by claiming it was funny. In what is clearly a reference to the furore, McCartney has now suggested that his opponents are thick to understand the ‘joke’: “With satire,the level of […]

A Tory councillor who tweeted a picture of bikini-clad women in order to belittle a female candidate has apologised — but an MP who attempted to defend the sexist gaffe has refused. County councillor Richard Davies’ apology regarding the jibe at Labour’s Lucy Rigby (@LucyRigby) is currently leading BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s bulletins: having reflected on this […]

A Tory MP joked with a colleague who compared the selection process for his female opponent to a lingerie modelling competition — before telling those who complained that they lacked “a sense of humour” and needed to “get over themselves”. A senior Lincolnshire county councillor sent the image above to local Tory Karl McCartney MP — asking whether […]

In a rambling comment during a TV discussion about domestic violence, a Tory councillor has claimed that: “As women … we’ve opened our legs but not our brains” In the bizarre rant on Sky 805’s Venus TV breakfast show, Ealing councillor Anita Kapoor added that mothers are solely responsible for the wellbeing of their children, warning women […]

It’s 2014 — but apparently Iain Duncan Smith thinks it’s okay to refer to a gay colleague as a “pantomime dame”. The cabinet member made the homophobic jibe to out Labour shadow minister Chris Bryant during work and pensions questions earlier this afternoon: Er, IDS just called Chris Bryant a "pantomime dame". — Tom McTague […]