With Foreign Office minister Sayeeda Warsi quitting over Gaza, Number 10 appear so frit that they are pre-emptively briefing expected attacks in advance. 1/2 Dangerous subtext to Warsi resignation letter is that the moderates are leaving the govt: Clarke, Grieve, Burt. — Tim Montgomerie (@TimMontgomerie) August 5, 2014 2/2 No10 angry that Warsi cooperating again […]

Tory chairman Grant Shapps could be moving to neutralise nascent plots against him from the Tory backbenches. In the wake of his bingo poster disaster, Scrapbook reported claims of “a wave of PR and press shit” headed Shapps’ way from right-wingers who “want a better chairman before 2015”. Lo and behold … Grant Shapps spotted having dinner with some […]

Despite her track record of pontificating on morality, Sayeeda Warsi found herself stumped yesterday when asked about Iran. The peer claimed that she was “not enough of a military expert” to have an opinion on nuking Tehran without warning: Lord Wigley: My Lords, are there any circumstances whatever where a first strike with nuclear weapons could be morally […]

It didn’t take long for the Conservative Party conference to depart from the script yesterday, with sacked Tory chair Sayeeda Warsi clearly scowling as she watched her successor Grant Shapps open proceedings. The September reshuffle prompted the undignified spectacle of Warsi publicly begging to keep her job after being promoted beyond her abilities. Rather than positioning […]

Remaining silent in the face of criticism of his severance pay, one can only assume Chris Huhne is intent on trousering the £17,000 he is officially entitled to after police charges forced him from office. While we’re not sure that the Scrapbook team hold much sway with the sharp-elbowed member for Eastleigh, perhaps he might […]

Sayeeda Warsi’s fiction that the Tories fought a full campaign in the Oldham East by-election is in tatters tonight. Michael Crick has published the official figures from Oldham Council, which reveal that the Conservatives spent less than UKIP. Despite reports that the cabinet had discussed how to help the Liberal Democrats win in Greater Manchester, the […]

Sayeeda Warsi has called for a “clean campaign” in the upcoming Oldham East by-election. Signing a pledge (not that this has been problematic recently) with candidate Kashif Ali, the Conservative Party chairman said: “After everything that’s happened in Oldham East and Saddleworth, the last thing we need now is underhand behaviour in our election campaign.” […]

Notwithstanding very legitimate concerns around the security of postal voting, Sayeeda Warsi massively overreached herself in suggesting there were three MPs in the House of Commons who owed their victory to electoral fraud. If you haven’t seen it yet, John Sopel’s grilling of the Baroness is well worth a watch. This episode will further entrench her […]

One of the so-called “Islamic” wingnuts who pelted Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi with eggs because she didn’t “represent Sharia” has been jailed for six weeks. The men were reportedly members of Al-Muhajiroun, which advocated the creation of an Islamic state in Britain. The group was subsequently banned under terrorism legislation, along with the so-delusional-it’s-actually-funny Islam4UK. If they’re […]