As the cabinet reshuffle rolls onwards, keeping the Westminster journalist pack busy on a Tuesday morning, Paul Waugh reports an interesting tidbit from yesterday’s House of Commons sitting: Labour wag Steve Pound yday heckled Teather in Commons, singing “You’re getting sacked in the morning…” Sadly, not in Hansard — Paul Waugh (@paulwaugh) September 4, 2012 […]

With Sarah Teather under fire for for missing a debate on local hospitals, with A&E facilities used by thousands of her constituents facing the chop, a Brent councillor has said that he understands her … “… diary can be demanding but it is disappointing that Sarah Teather was not at the parliamentary debate on local […]

Education minister Sarah Teather is under investigation by her own council after she erected a giant yellow sign outside her new office — without planning permission. A local resident told the Brent & Kilburn times that Teather that Teather was riding roughshod over planning regulations which the rest of us are obligated to follow, adding: “Just down the […]

Liberal Democrat activists in Sarah Teather’s constituency are delivering anonymous attack leaflets claiming Labour have “let us down” on cuts — despite their MP’s status as a government minister who voted for Osborne’s austerity agenda. The council by-election leaflet, blogged by Cllr Krupesh Hirani, brazenly asks “Who can you trust to stop the cuts?”, answering […]

After painful-to-watch attempts at “comedy” from the likes of Sarah Teather and Andrew Stunnell, the Liberal Democrats will crown the awkwardness of their party conference with a Glee Club, a chorus singalong, as recently popularised by the hit US TV series. And as the image above reveals (more lyrics), attendants are set for another cringeworthy […]

UPDATE: Apparently the children’s minister concerned was not Sarah Teather, as stated here previously, but her junior, Under-Secretary of State for Children and Families Tim Loughton. This gives us the perfect opportunity to reprint the front cover of Community Care magazine, from which Loughton pleads pathetically: “I want to be your friend”! Though the prime […]

With Sarah Teather hitting the headlines last Friday for controversial campaigning tactics, Scrapbook heard a most amusing tale about the Brent Central MP this weekend. One of Teather’s ex-boyfriends is apparently fond of the following anecdote. Whenever her passive-aggressive former flatmate was annoyed with her he would go to the kitchen and move the breakfast cereal […]

Teased in the Members’ Lobby by a Labour MP yesterday, Sarah Teather didn’t seem to be taking jokes about an early morning ambush by a TV news crew in the spirit in which they were intended: MP: “Watch out, Sarah, Sky News are behind you!” Teather: “F*** off.” With a future change of career looking more […]

A very senior Liberal Democrat has reportedly made a number of close-to-the-bone quips about party colleagues over the weekend: “It’s great to see Liberal Democrat ministers speaking behind the despatch box – or hear them, in the case of Sarah Teather.” And coalition partners didn’t escape the sharp tongue of this market liberal: “Eric Pickles is the only […]