Having reportedly written “Republicans do it better” on her MySpace page as a yoof, perhaps the producers of Saturday Night Live thought it would be a good idea to sit Taylor Swift next to Tea Party crackpot Sarah Palin for their 40th anniversary special. Unfortunately, they forgot about the bits where she called the US first lady a “role model”, dated a […]

Following in the footsteps of Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell, the latest in the so-right-wing-they-must-be-joking Tea Party figureheads is Michele Bachmann, a candidate for the Republican nomination to face Barack Obama next year. Required for endorsement by a fundamentalist Christian group, the Minnesota lawmaker put her signature to a document called “The Marriage Vow”, describing homosexuality […]

It seems Fox News have come round to the same viewpoint as the rest of the planet when it comes to Sarah Palin with captioning on Sean Hannity’s show describing her as a “universal nightmare”. The former Vice Presidential sideshow has now even lost her place as the Republican party’s favourite candidate to Donald Trump, who topped […]

Speaking on Fox News, naturally, Sarah Palin has again displayed the effects of an apparent dictionary famine in Wasilla. Commenting on President Obama’s rhetoric on the Libya crisis she asks: “Another big question is … are we at war?” “Do we use the term ‘intervention’, do we use ‘war’, do we use ‘squirmish’?” Errr, probably […]

While British parties struggle to rub two dimes together, it appears there’s enough money flowing round the American body politic to waste cash on comedy polling. Actor Charlie Sheen — in the middle of a highly public personal and professional crisis — is beating Sarah Palin amongst crucial independent voters in a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling. […]

With Sarah Palin’s chances at the Republican nomination seeming to take a knock in the wake of the shooting of Danielle Giffords, her cheerleaders at Fox News have apparently identified their second preference: Yes, you read that correctly: the 9 February edition of Fox & Friends mused openly at Bristol Palin’s POTUS prospects. Well, it’s not as though […]

The shooting of Democratic lawmaker Gabrielle Giffords has left Sarah Palin’s spinners scrambling to scrub the graphic above from her websites. At the time of writing, however, the image — which targets Giffords personally — is still visible on her Facebook group. What better time to turn her rhetoric back around: “How’s that hopey-changey thing […]

You think Daniel “scrap the NHS” Hannan is unhinged? It has emerged that David Cameron may be more or less obligated to entertain a divisive foreign figure aligned with the nutjob right of his own party. That’s right, Sarah Palin is lining up a trip to the UK! Her Facebook note entitiled “Concerning a possible trip to the […]