The people that brought you have done it again. As we reported in May, Number 10 refused freedom of information requests for designs and cost of installation for David Cameron’s new kitchen — but then pushed the £25,000 refurbishment to lifestyle editors at the same time that new economic figures showed household spending had […]

As new household spending figures hit a two-year low and families suffer the the worst income squeeze since the early 1980s, the Camerons have caught the national mood by, erm, showcasing their newly-fitted £25,000 second kitchen. Both BBC Online and the Daily Mail today carry a photo of Samantha Cameron and Michelle Obama in the flat above Number 11 Downing […]

UPDATE: Also by THM – We must focus on Cameron’s trunks All parties have their client journalists but it seems Tara Hamilton-Miller is actually trying for Private Eye’s Order of the Brown Nose. Imagine the most toadying article you’ve ever read. Now double it. You may now find yourself somewhere in the vicinity of “How cool […]