After their what-the-hell-are-we-doing management of dropping Page 3 — featuring a senior staff member apologising for sending a picture of boobs to the deputy leader of the opposition — The Sun looks to have gone a whole week without ladies’ nipples. Excluding Tuesday’s Sunifesto edition, every day had some attempt at ‘totty’ but the bare breasts were gone. The public relations […]

While the most horrendous events can beget some of the most tremendous journalism, perhaps Rupert Murdoch should have saved this blasé message for a phone call to the editor of the Australian Daily Telegraph — which is owned by, errr, Rupert Murdoch: AUST gets wake-call with Sydney terror. Only Daily Telegraph caught the bloody outcome at […]

Corby MP turned NYC resident and Sun on Sunday columnist Louise Mensch is threatening to sue for libel over a tweet by journalist Peter Jukes, phone hacking trial journalist and author of The Fall of the House of Murdoch. Jukes’ remark on Twitter — which Scrapbook shall not be repeating — referenced both Mensch’s role as an MP on the Media Select […]

A trial of three men accused by the Sun on Sunday of being involved in a drugs trial has collapsed — because investigative journalist Mazher Mahmood has been deemed an unreliable witness. The court heard that the so-called ‘fake sheikh’ was “not a witness of truth” after a judge in a previous case claimed there were “strong […]

Rivalry between Theresa May and Michael Gove has exploded into the open once again — with the pair bitterly briefing against each other on the issue of extremism in schools. With Gove attempting to outsource the blame for claims of Islamist entryism to the education system in Birmingham, May has hit back by releasing a letter with barbed questions […]

Rupert Murdoch has snapped up a 5% stake in the so-called hipsters’ bible Vice. This comes a mere ten months after he warned that this was the last thing that the website needed. Who's heard of VICE media? Wild, interesting effort to interest millenials who don't read or watch established media. Global success. — Rupert […]

Presenting Louise Mensch, columnist for the Sunday Sun: The idea that Mr. Murdoch should reappear before the CMS committee is hysterical nonsense. The tape does him credit, in fact. — Louise Mensch (@LouiseMensch) July 4, 2013   Defending Murdoch for saying that phone hacking was “next to nothing”, Corby’s leading expatriot is certainly fulfilling the […]

While generously conceding that “most” UK mosques are “okay”, Rupert Murdoch’s tweet clearly suggests that a significant minority are “really scary”: Many UK tweeters say no terror.Admirable, gutsy, but get real and go listen at some mosques. Admit most okay, but others really scary. — Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) May 25, 2013 So how many mosques has […]