The Tories just can’t get their story straight. While Osborne now looks to blame the Royal Wedding for low growth figures, Scrapbook has unearthed a speech in which David Cameron claimed the nuptials would help to boost the economy. Despite warnings that the ceremony would cost Britain £1.5bn, Cameron burnished his monarchist credentials to business leaders […]

The BBC have used a controversial exemption in the Freedom of Information Act to block the publication of the costs incurred during their wall-to-wall coverage of the Royal Wedding. Legislation provides that the broadcaster can refuse to release information held “for the purposes of journalism, art or literature”. Records of appeals to the Information Commissioner show the […]

With retailers set to flog millions of pounds of crap, Scrapbook has scoured the internet for the ugliest and baddest royal wedding merchandise. You can read items 20 to 11 of our roundup here. 10: Oyster card 9: Silver spoons 8: Toilet seat 7: “Fairy tale” washing up liquid 6: $500 pizza 5: Top Trumps […]

In the run up to the Royal Wedding, Scrapbook has scoured the shops for some of the very tackiest memorabilia available. Here’s the first half of our top 20. 20. Trainers 19. Salt and Pepper Shakers 18. Mobile Phone Cover 17. Ornamental Coal Hopper 16. Pez Dispensers 15. Toy Car 14. Activity Book 13. A […]

Westboro Baptist Church, the notorious US group known for its extreme anti-gay stance and picketing of soldiers’ funerals, have claimed they will protest the royal wedding on Friday. In a characteristically inflammatory press statement released on their website, the church claims: “Wedding vows mean nothing to these royal mutts … Only a nation of blind perverts would […]

Under fire for the decision to block a “Not the Royal Wedding” street party it had previously approved, Camden Council has been caught out trying to drag the Metropolitan Police into the row. Official statements emanating from Camden Town Hall clearly implied police “concerns” were central to prohibition of the event proposed by Republic: “An initial application […]

UPDATE: See below for full statement from Camden Camden Council  have been accused of political discrimination and face legal action after performing a U-turn over a proposed “not the Royal Wedding” street party. Despite receiving approval on March 4 that their event could go ahead, republicans have now been informed the council have blocked the event by refusing to […]

An incongruous vision of inherited privilege was prominent amongst the working class core of English Defence League supporters this weekend. Policed by 1,900 officers at a cost of £1 million, the image of Prince William and Kate Middleton was a common sight throughout the crowds at this Saturday’s EDL march in Blackburn. But Scrapbook is far from convinced the […]