Scrapbook is tickled to see the Tories baby-faced Newark by-election attacked by his UKIP opponent for exaggerating his credentials as an “entrepreneur”. Sitting MEP Roger Helmer complains that Robert Jenrick has been “cranking up his CV” — as well as claiming humble origins while failing to mention his family’s multi-million pound property in Westminster … … all of which you could have […]

The official Tory LGBT twitter account has had a pop at UKIP dinosaur Roger Helmer, tweeting out a list of his frequent and offensive homophobic comments. Only thing is, he made most of the comments while he was still a Tory. The graphic, entitled ‘Roger Helmer’s Little Pink Book: Homophobic Quotations from UKIP’s Would-Be MP For UKIP’, lists nine […]

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer has today announced that he is quitting his seat in the European Parliament at the end of this year. Citing disillusionment with the direction of the party, Brussels is set to lose one of its most off message sons. To commemorate his passing, Scrapbook thought a countdown of his top “so right […]

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer is not known for a measured, thoughtful approach to public policy, but with his response to the London riots he has really excelled himself. In a tweet this morning, the mustachioed climate change denier sent a message to the Government’s emergency cabinet meeting saying rioters should be summarily executed: Helmer’s comments were […]

With Messrs Hannan, Helmer and their friends preaching the “collective flight from reality” of climate change, the “60 year mistake” of the NHS and equivocating on gay rights, David Cameron may be praying the volcanic ash cloud remains – over Aéroport de Strasbourg and Bruxelles-National, at least: Cameron’s MEPs are his political equivalent of the […]

Left Foot Forward reported today that Tory MEP Roger Helmer is organising a “climate change sceptics’ conference” in Brussels. The list of speakers is a Who’s Who of climate change denial – people with an axe to grind in one hand and a distinct lack of peer-reviewed science in the other. But one name on the […]