First up, high-profile UKIP activist Alexandra Swann, whose speech to their 2012 Spring conference was introduced by Nigel Farage. Supplementing her own crap with re-tweets calling Mandela a “terrorist”, Scrapbook supposes she would be happier in the 1980s Federation of Conservative Students wearing a “Hang Nelson Mandela” T-shirt: This is how she reacted to Barack Obama’s tribute: […]

In a blog post linking to Scrapbook’s viral story from yesterday, the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole has waded into the “pretend disabled” debate — siding with, erm, Rod Liddle and adding an attack on charities for good measure. Despite his admission that he “recently suffered from an ME-like illness”, Delingpole agrees with Liddle’s sickening rant, singling out […]

Should someone who writes the following sentence be: (a) run out of the mainstream media having first been tarred and feathered? (b) appointed as the editor of a quality centre-left newspaper? Join the Facebook group here to stop Alexander Lebedev appointing Rod Liddle as the editor of the Independent. 2,123 members and growing fast. Hat-tip: Left […]