Irony has died today after a short illness. Lib Dem press release from four days ago announcing proposals for mandatory reporting of child abuse had been approved by their party conference: “Inquiries have repeatedly found some professionals failing to report concerns about child protection, which has resulted in further abuse. This can’t go on a minute longer.” “Abuse cannot be […]

A victim of the Bedroom Tax has struck a legal blow against the hated charge after officials wrongly claimed that his dining room was a ‘spare bedroom’. The news comes after countless vulnerable tenants have seen living and storage areas bizarrely reclassified. As Scrapbook reported back in November, families have been left facing hardship after downstairs living areas […]

In a bizarre move, members of the far-right EDL turned up at a Rochdale Asda to protest against the selling of halal meat. Witnesses and staff reported seeing 15-20 men enter the store and head straight for the meat counter,  leaving locals befuddled by their actions. This is not the first time the EDL have […]

Today’s encounter between Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown’s “bigoted woman” Gillian Duffy has provided much amusement to Parliament-starved hacks, not least for the Liberal Democrat leader’s attempts to defuse the situation by patronising her into the ground. Rochdale’s famous pensioner is not impressed with the Coalition.