Tory MP Robert Jenrick — the victor in the by-election to replace MP-for-hire Patrick Mercer — will struggle to shake off his ‘carpetbagger’ label if a recent interview with Radio Nottingham is anything to go by. The Newark MP was ambushed by presenter Mark Dennison on the question of whether he actually lives in his constituency. Following on from […]

Scrapbook is tickled to see the Tories baby-faced Newark by-election attacked by his UKIP opponent for exaggerating his credentials as an “entrepreneur”. Sitting MEP Roger Helmer complains that Robert Jenrick has been “cranking up his CV” — as well as claiming humble origins while failing to mention his family’s multi-million pound property in Westminster … … all of which you could have […]

The Tories and UKIP have been stupid enough to let Harry Cole interview their candidates in the Newark by-election. Paid up gay-hater Roger Helmer told the sometime Speccie hack that his taxpayer-funded Italian assistant is providing assistance to him while he’s on the campaign trail. Following up on Scrapbook’s demolition of the Tory candidate’s claims to be an “entrepreneur”, meanwhile, Cole […]

The Tories’ by-election candidate could stand to benefit from the hostile takeover of AstraZeneca — with his hot shot lawyer wife a mergers and acquisitions specialist working for the firm retained by Pfizer to advise on the deal. Lawyer-turned-antiques-dealer Robert Jenrick met his wife while they both worked for Skadden, described by Forbes as “Wall Street’s most powerful law firm”. […]