With the Tories pushing the absurd notion that they are the “Workers’ Party”, a breathless Robert Halfon did his best to defend this spin in the Commons earlier today. There’s certainly nothing that says Workers’ Party like a chorus of plummy laughter and cries of “heaaah, heaaah” (translation “hear, hear”). And the most audibly sonorous baritone encouragement to […]

The Tory website Right Angle — whose directors were exposed by Scrapbook yesterday for their links to a controversial Ukrainian oligarch — appears to be paying money to artificially inflate its follower count on Facebook. The organisation, whose founders include Conservative MP Robert Halfon, are so desperate to emulate the success of progressive operations such as 38 Degrees […]

The directors of a Tory-backed rival to activism website 38 Degrees are linked to a controversial Ukrainian oligarch, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The right-wing pressure group Right Angle aims to emulate 38 Degrees’ success after a string of victories by the progressive website. But three of Right Angle’s four directors have links with Dmitry Firtash (above […]

10 Downing Street intervened to rewrite a Commons motion on fuel duty triggered by the government’s e-petition initiative, a senior Conservative backbencher has revealed. Interference with the motion, which was debated last Tuesday, is being held up in Tory circles as another example of David Cameron’s “arrogance” towards rank-and-file Tory MPs. The e-petition created by […]