In the latest gaffe of what has become an error-strewn campaign, Rick Perry has suggested Turkey “is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists”. Showing a somewhat curious understanding of American foreign policy, Perry choose to overlook Turkey’s longstanding position as a NATO ally to the U.S, going onto claim: “Not only […]

All eyes are on Iowa tonight as the race to find a Republican who can beat Barack Obama officially begins. While you wait for the first results to come in, let Scrapbook introduce you to the candidates. Mitt Romney Likes State mandated healthcare – In 2006, during his stint as Governor of Massachusetts, Romney established […]

Snapped in the exact worst moment of the arm-raising and/or waving process, Rick Perry, the 5/4 favourite to grab the Republican presidential nomination, has just provided a touchstone photograph for every liberal blogger in the US. And with the Tea Party now calling the tune in many red states, this will do little to allay […]