For all the B-movies and crappy commercials, Scrapbook’s favourite memory of Michael Winner — who died today aged 77 — will be his comprehensive demolition of Richard Littlejohn for homophobia on the columnist’s own Live and Uncut TV show in 1994: “I’m quite appalled and very nearly walked out to be on a British television programme where lesbians are wheeled […]

Apologies for the lacklustre rate of posting. We actually have more muckraking stories on the burner than we can handle! Please accept this by way of a Monday night stopgap: Watching a characteristically oleaginous performance opposite his real-life pal Andrew Neil on This Week last Thursday, Scrapbook’s editor posed the question: “As a person, what positive qualities […]

Popbitch have unearthed this risqué snap of what they are claiming is right wing oaf Richard Littlejohn circa 1981. Perhaps the then industrial editor of the Evening Standard posed with, to borrow tabloid parlance, these two “lovelies” as part of some underwear undercover investigation?* So, Richard, where is the other glove? *Okay, so perhaps it isn’t him? Compare, contrast […]