With RBS accused of ‘killing off’ perfectly viable British businesses in order to make a quick buck, the taxpayer-owned bank has appointed City law firm Clifford Chance to look into the matter: RBS sources confirm asking Clifford Chance law firm to investigate allegations in Tomlinson report — Laura Kuenssberg (@bbclaurak) November 25, 2013 Scrapbook is […]

The chancellor is to approve bonuses of £500m to bankers at publicly-owned RBS despite missing its lending targets to businesses. While the government has erected a smokescreen in the form of departmental “reviews” of performance related pay in Whitehall, the Telegraph has reported RBS has missed its share of the Project Merlin lending targets. RBS […]

With the news that Stephen Hester has rejected his whooping £973,000 bonus, it would seem a PR disaster has been averted and responsible capitalism has prevailed. But the contrarians over at the Torygraph have taken a different stance,  whinging that  Hester’s rejection has cost the Inland Revenue half a million pounds sterling. “The RBS chief […]

“It’s still on their website”, teased Ed Miliband as he asked David Cameron how the Tory objective of capping bonuses at £2,000 for public-owned banks was progressing. The Prime Minister previously accused Gordon Brown of “dithering” for failing to get to grips with the issue. Scrapbook has grabbed a copy before it can be disappeared […]