A Milton Keynes councillor has defended a decision to award a taxi license to a violent serial rapist, claiming the man had “done his crime, served his time”. And in a sick twist which is threatening to engulf the council’s Liberal Democrat group, the sex offender was given his character reference by … another Lib Dem councillor. Cllr Stuart Burke and […]

A Tory councillor and former mayor of Cheltenham has been slammed for making a “repulsive” rape comment during a public meeting. Barbara Driver compared housing developers ability to tell a council how many affordable homes it is willing to build on a specific site to rape. She said: “There is a saying and I am going […]

A 14 year-old girl was expelled from her school after being abducted and gang raped by members of a child trafficking syndicate. The private school in the Jabodetabek metropolitan region of Indonesia has now been forced to reinstate the student after their abhorrent actions caused a media storm. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, school […]