The Home Office’s infamous ‘Go Home’ van has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority – but not, as you might have thought, because it’s offensive, racist or stupid. It’s been banned because the statistics emblazoned on the side were misleading. The van, which was driven around six London boroughs with a message that people […]

The Home Office have rebuffed freedom of information requests relating to the ‘racist van’ and a controversial Twitter campaign using the hashtag #ImmigrationOffenders — claiming that disclosure of data would compromise immigration enforcement. Two such requests from Political Scrapbook have been rejected, with another outstanding. In the wake of the vile advertising campaign — which was accused of “borrowing the […]

With the Home Office’s Twitter feed descending into the gutter yesterday, the presence of one particular foreign national in the UK has coincided with a shift in government rhetoric which charities claim could “incite racial tensions”. Cameron’s adviser Lynton Crosby has a long and shameful history of stirring up anti-immigrant rhetoric.