Asked by a council officer — in the middle of a planning scrutiny meeting — for suggestions for speeding up the eviction of travellers, this was the response of Maidenhead Tory Cllr Alan Mellins: “Execute them.” With up to 500,000 Roma gypsies having been executed by the Nazis in World War II, Cllr Mellins told the Maidenhead […]

Here’s the email from Nigel Farage telling UKIP supporters to buy a song about “illegal immigrants in every town”, which is, errr, sung in a mock-Caribbean accent: But the “satirical” ditty, sung by ex-Radio 1 DJ Mike Read, has now been pulled — hours after shadow front bencher Chuka Umunna told LBC radio that people were unlikely to give UKIP “the benefit […]

With the hiterhto Teflon-like Nigel Farage forced to concede that he “regretted” his racial slur against Romanians, perhaps its worth reflecting on his previous comments about Eastern Europeans. Back in September 2013 — when the Westminster village was only just waking up to the threat posed by UKIP — Farage told LBC Radio that people in Romania and […]

Half of the young UKIP supporters featured in a glossy magazine spread just eight months ago have either quit the party or are refusing to campaign for them — citing inflammatory rhetoric on immigration. 21 year-old Sanya-Jeet Thandi (above top), who has been one of the party’s most prominent ethnic minority supporters in the media, has claimed that […]

Wednesday 11:29pm — Mirror splashes on N-word claims … Thursday 7:06am — Clarkson claims he didn’t use the racist term … I did not use the n word. Never use it. The Mirror has gone way too far this time. — Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) May 1, 2014 But the paper had just published footage showing that he did mumble […]