While claims that Michael Gove will replace the chair of Britain’s schools inspectorate with a Tory donor splashed the papers earlier this week, regular Scrapbook readers may have been less than surprised — as the education secretary is absolutely shameless in placing Tories in supposedly non-political roles. Leaving genuine political advisers to one side, here’s a run-down of his cronies: £2M EDUCATION […]

A contractor run by a former adviser to Michael Gove has been communicating with special advisers in Whitehall using their private emails, Political Scrapbook can reveal. The exchanges with the New Schools Network (NSN) — run by former Gove Adviser Rachel Wolf (above) and awarded more than £1.5m in contracts by her former boss — […]

The Guardian today published a leaked email in which a close aide to Michael Gove fiercely rebukes attempts by a civil servant to obtain transparency from a charity paid £1,000,000 of taxpayers’ money to administrate Gove’s “new schools” programme. News of smoke and mirrors at the Department for Education will come as no shock to […]