While steadfastly defending the Beeb’s decision to invite Nick Griffin onto Question Time, director general Mark Thompson has told the Guardian that the BNP leader will be “challenged tenaciously” on the programme. David Dimbleby has been given the green light to raise issues such as holocaust denial. In other developments: 400 police will be on duty and […]

When interviewed by Adam Boulton for Sky News yesterday, Nick Griffin was keen to play down the importance of his appearance on BBC Question Time this Thursday*: “I don’t think it’ll be a particularly important event. Question Time is about various political personalities. It shouldn’t be about sniping against each other, it should be about […]

The addition of Tory peer Sayeeda Warsi to BBC Question Time on 22 October completes a lineup of Chris Huhne, Jack Straw and Bonnie Greer to appear alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin. Reaction on the blogs has been mute, with Sunny Hundal questioning the appropriateness of a softly spoken, middle class American playwright (flanked by […]

Contradicting Francis Elliot’s article in The Times last week, Alan Johnson yesteday ruled himself out of a Question Time appearance alongside Nick Griffin (video). Pressed by Jon Sopel on the Politics Show – “Definitely no? No way? not under any circumstances?” – Johnson responded: “I’ve gone 59 years without sharing a platform with a fascist and don’t […]

Following the announcement this week that Labour is to drop its policy on sharing a platform with the BNP, Justice Secretary Jack Straw is the latest name touted to appear on Question Time alongside BNP leader Nick Griffin. According to Lancaster Unity, Gordon Brown is taking a “personal interest” in the issue and favours Jack Straw, […]