The Question Time set piece of Russell Brand vs Nigel Farage (VIDEO) was in danger of being upstaged at one point during tonight’s show — when the audience started fighting with each other over whether the UKIP leader was “a racist scumbag”: “I live in South Thanet and I’m coming for you, Nigel Farage, don’t […]

Having previously called gay people “repulsive”, Ian Paisley Jr’s homophobic pedigree is not in doubt. Last night’s Question Time featured the unedifying spectacle of him goading Peter Tatchell: “You’re entitled to get married tomorrow, Peter. You’re just not entitled to get married to a man.” The studio audience seemed less than impressed.

Having this week prompted an EU Commission spokesman to storm of Newsnight by repeatedly calling him an “idiot in Brussels”, charming Daily Mail columnist Peter Oborne has once more covered himself in glory by attempting to convince an audience of Scousers that Margaret Thatcher showed “compassion” as Prime Minister: “I think she was a great woman but whatever she was […]

It’s over eleven months until he faces voters in London but Boris Johnson and his campaign team have already smeared several individuals and organisations who oppose his Conservative agenda. His remarks about UK Uncut, ranging from hyperbole to outright lies, came to the fore yesterday after he struggled to justify them in a City Hall […]

UPDATE: Or perhaps not! Sadly, our source in the audience reports our pair “did not come to blows”. Dorries lives to lie another day. UPDATE II: The programme did provide entertainment in the rodent-shaped form of Danny Alexander. Check out the video! The Scrapbook team are banking on Ken Livingstone administering a richly-deserved televisual trouncing to compulsive […]

Sarah Teather seems to be compensating for her persistent and all-too-convenient absence from Parliament this year with an appearance on tonight’s Question Time. Given this week’s revelations on her office expenses, one assumes her exhortations that “thieves should not be attacked” bear an element of self-interest! From the look of Tory Bear’s teaser post, tomorrow’s Guy News […]