Millionaire Liberal Democrat John “three homes” Hemming has told Radio 4 he would vote for  a rise in tuition fees to punish students who occupied his constituency office. His extraordinary exchange with Eddie Mair came after an embarassing argument with a protester live on local radio: EM: How are you going to vote on Thursday? JH: At […]

Cardiff Liberal Democrats cancelled their weekly surgery on Friday, literally rolling down the shutters to avoid coming face-to-face with protesting students. MP Jenny Willott closed her office for the entire day having been slammed for “committing political suicide” with a U-turn on her pledge to vote against higher tuition fees. Scrapbook can only assume Willott and her […]

As reported elsewhere, tourists were evacuated as Italian students protesting against education reforms blockaded the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the Colosseum in Rome. Where the British smash up a reception and graffiti a police van, our cultured continental counterparts occupy world heritage sites. Are we the Unibond Premier Division of protest to their Serie A? Scrapbook has tracked down […]