Support Giles Fraser by joining the Facebook page. The ongoing protest camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral seems to have claimed its first casualty, as canon chancellor Giles Fraser has announced his resignation in protest at the Cathedral leadership’s plans to and forcibly remove protesters, caving to the City of London. The Rev Dr Giles Fraser said: “I […]

District Judge Daphne Wickham has just handed down a six-week prison sentence and a £265 fine to Jonathan May-Bowles (aka Jonnie Marbles), the “comedian” who gave Rupert Murdoch a pie in the face at last month’s committee hearing. While this is probably fair — according to eye-witness Paul Waugh, Marbles gave Murdoch a “real whack” […]

As hundreds of empowered women (and men) march through London this afternoon, Scrapbook has picked out the funniest and most impactful signs posted on Twitter: Doubtless the Mail on Sunday will be running similar pictures tomorrow. But with more moral panic. Pictures from: @pennyred, @lefty_lisa, @PUB_lication, @kieran_yates, @zohramoosa, @RoseBeeMakeup

In her latest blog, Laurie Penny, who seems to have installed herself as a gateway to the protest movement for armchair-bound New Statesman readers, offers a mutually degrading comparison between dissent in the Middle East and Britain. Time, perhaps, to adapt John Rentoul’s anti-hyperbole device. Here is the first instalment of Scrapbook’s “Questions to which the […]

The Press Complaints Commission has now received “approximately 1,000” complaints against an article in the Daily Mail about disabled tuition fees protester Jody McIntyre. A YouTube video showing McIntyre being dragged from his wheelchair by police caused uproar when it appeared online two days ago. The offending column, from unconscionable turd Richard Littlejohn, concludes by comparing […]