Prince Charles plans to continue his secret lobbying of government when king — with his courtiers briefing the Guardian on his delusional belief to have “a public mandate … to relay public opinion to those in power”. The heir to the throne apparently reckons his highly stage managed appearances alongside fawning members of the public are a reliable barometer of the […]

The Sovereign Grant accounts dropped today — cue predictable spin that keeping the Windsor family in the style to which they are accustomed costs us each “a mere 56p per year”. According to the latest figures, Prince Charles receives £19.5m from the Duchy of Cornwall, which is described as: “a private estate established in 1337 which funds […]

Some of the UK’s wealthiest aristocrats trousered nearly a million pounds in Housing Benefit last year. The news comes after the Mirror exposed the hypocrisy of the country’s richest Tory MP, Richard Benyon, for receiving £119,000 in direct housing benefit payments for tenants on his £110m estate — while attacking the “something for nothing” welfare system. The […]

Prince Philip has been exposed as a card-carrying climate change denier. After Telegraph columnist and fellow sceptic Christopher Booker found himself struck off Prince Charles’ Christmas card list for writing The Real Global Warming Disaster, the author then received a supportive letter from the Duke of Edinburgh. Booker writes in the Speccie diary: “I was, however, startled and […]

London resident Prince Charles incurred expenses of £20,000 to visit poverty-stricken areas of the capital hit by the riots last summer, official documents have revealed. Charles and Camilla flew down from Aberdeen to London and back using a luxurious jet aircraft which had previously been shunned by the Queen because it was too expensive. The heir […]

Prince Charles has lost a three-year legal battle against an environmental activist, with judges ruling the Duchy of Cornwall is a “public authority” which must answer requests under freedom of information legislation. The case could open the floodgates for scrutiny of the Prince’s £700m property empire. With an absolute exemption from the Freedom of Information […]

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall spent £29,786 of taxpayers’ money chartering a flight for a four-day jolly during which no official business was undertaken, according to official figures released today. While other itineraries detailed in the grant-in-aid report list engagements, the return flight from Clarence House to Balmoral in June 2010 […]